[KoreaTechEdsk]AIXLAB: The new-media startup providing 360-degree content creation solutions

AIXLAB wants users to have unique experiences of VR and realistic contents based on new media.

Korean startup AIXLAB is successfully creating a wide array of content for some prestigious clients. The startup caters to multiple platforms through new media to deliver a new experience.  The new media-based VR professional design studio, AIXLAB has the pipeline to create video-based content such as motion design, design elements, and graphics compositing, real-time based games and interactive content. 

Prestigious projects in new-media, VR content

The studio has expertise for a variety of design outcomes based on new-media, VR (Virtual Reality) and realistic contents. The main goal of the company is to enable users to encounter a completely new experience, and corporate clients to have an effective promotional/marketing tool. The company offers services for the creation of games, interactive VR experiences, 3D graphic animation projects, campaign videos, promo videos, space design, VR riders, motion graphic etc.

AIXLAB has some prestigious clients for its content development services like LG, Samsung, Hyundai, Kocca, Nissan, Posco, Nestle, etc. The company’s some of known projects are VR games like the Haunted House, Bladeline, VR rider attractions like Old Castle, the Road of Fear, promotional videos for VR games like Mecha shooters and Starfighters, video campaigns for Samsung, Seah group & Hyundai, 3D Stereoscopic experiences like Lamborghini, 3D mapping Project for Korea History Museum, and much more. AIXLAB has participated in many tech events and won some accolades like winning ‘the next-generation content award’ for its developed product ‘Warga VR’ at the 2018 Korean Game Awards. The company is flourishing with its expert team in the new media sector. 

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