[KoreaTechDesk]CEO of AIXLAB Hwang Kwab Hwan talks about the success of ‘The Haunted House VR’ and its future

AIXLAB CEO Hwang Kwab Hwan

AIXLAB, the new media content startup, has gained much popularity with its flagship game series ‘The Haunted House VR’, currently running offline on LBE Korea. The startup was started as a motion graphics firm, by the CEO Hwang Kwab Hwan and another co-founder, right after he graduated from University. Eventually, Hwan and his team worked hard to expand it to the Virtual Reality (VR) space and becoming a new media content production company with a focus on VR games.

Hwang Kwab Hwan had a conversation with about the startup’s growth and its future goals – which includes more episodes of ‘The Haunted House VR’ series.

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